Primesounds Flum Trips and Tranceformations WAV REX SAMPLES

Primesounds Flum Trips and Tranceformations


Flum; is another cool release from PrimeSounds. The cover says it contains trips and transformations and that’s really the case. You get a collection of fresh sounding techno loops, sounds and other bits to use in your electronic based music. There’s a lot of great sounding material in this collection. You will also find a good share of drumloops and grooves. These loops are really very futuristic sounding and go well with any houseproduction which is of the more serious kind. The samples have been designed by Magnus Lindberg which is a Swedish sound designer who really knows his stuff. As with all Primesounds discs you get 2 cd’s, the first contains audio and the second contains Rx2 and Wav files. Precisely the combination of formats which makes this collection usable for everybody, regardless of what kind of software or hardware you use.

Mark the Release DELiRiUM | 2008-05-22 | 378 MB

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238 Rx2 files
270 Wav files

You will find the same folders in the Rx2 and Wav sections. Containing mostly the same loops. The Wav section contains more loops but that’s because not all loops can be Recycled very well. So it’s then better to not Recycle them at all.

The Beats
The beats are energetic and dark. They are mostly synthetic sounds and they all have a very authentic sound to them. They truly are original and they mix well with other sounds as well. I used some of these loops alongside some basslines and it sounded great. You will find beats in multiple tempo’s ranging from 80 to 140 Bpm. Great drumloops which sound original and powerfull.

You must be thinking what precisely is flum?? Well, flum is the type of sounds which you use to give a loop more life, make it more organic and so on. It’s the little synthesized and processed sounds you hear sometimes in beats. It’s very easy to just grab a few of these loops and use them to thicken up your music. You can add more of these loops into the same arrangement to make the sound even more interesting. Also with these loops comes the same quality as the drumloops. A nice constant and groove collection of sounds.

Flum; is a sound collection which is suited for people who like electronic sounds. If you are into the more hypnotising trance like sounds than you should really get this collection as it will fill these needs. This collection is not a cheap one. It does have two cd’s but they contain the same sounds.


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