SAMPLES-Cinematic Strings 2.11u4 EV’s unofficial update KONTAKT

Cinematic Strings 2.11u4 EV’s unofficial update


As promised here’s the (hopefully) last installment of unofficial updates for Cinematic Strings 2 – all samples have gone through 20dB precise denoising algorithm.
Numerous other changes have taken place since its first appearance as version 2.11 .

Some features included here are not to be found on commercial version, notably Con Sordino, Static and Dynamic patches.
This update is cumulative – you don’t need previous ones.
2.11u3 introduced Con Sordino, meticulously crafted and modeled through Kontakt’s internal EQ engine…

07/04/2015 | 15.2 GB

Vote, and then, in comments leave a review, if you want or you can spend a few minutes ... .. go to expression ... get more data and information, releases, in the following reference links

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Here’s short video I made for you to demonstrate some of the features…

I’ve reminded myself that I need to learn how to speak fluently, please excuse my strange accent and grammar mistakes – I’m not used to talking while recording. This is my first attempt.
If you have any remarks, please let me know in the comments.

Full changelog:
2.11u1February 2013
Fixed Decay time on sustain articulation to remove noise buildup
Fixed AC hum in release samples and short notes
2.11u2April 2013
Value 0 on CC1 no longer mutes the sound, zero value now refers to pure pp samples. Please execute niente using CC11
Added Dynamic patches with wider dynamic range on CC1
2.11u3March 2015
New Sordino patches – modelled Con Sordino using Kontakt built-in 3-band EQ
New Static patches – CC1 crossfades between layers without volume differences
Improved legato transitions on mp and pp
Improved volume curve on Dynamic patches
NKI Clean-up
2.11u4April 2015
Further 20dB wide-band denoising to compensate for artificial CS

Credit goes to CS2 developers for making this library – if you have spare resources, please support them by purchasing it. My mods after 2.11 are CC BY-SA .
Enjoy! I made it for you after all.


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