SOFT-Virtual DJ Studio 7.6.1 +PREVIOUS

Virtual DJ Studio 7.6.1


Virtual DJ Studio in an easy to use application that gives you a mixer-board interface in which you can practice karaoke. Virtual DJ Studio (VDJ) is an MP3 Mixer for live DJ performances. VDJ also contains a full 10-band Graphic Equalizer, full support for Audio Plugins, a Spectrum Analyzer, and many more tools for DJs.
Virtual DJ Studio is not like all of the other DJ programs out there. While other programs limit you to two players with a Cross-Fader, Virtual DJ Studio provides you with an entire studio.

Virtual DJ Studio gives you a mixer-board interface. Each line offers things you would expect from a typical mixer — volume fader, mute, crossfader assignment, etc. Additionally, each line contains an MP3/WAV/Karaoke player, with all of the controls you might expect — including a Pitch/Tempo control. If you have two or more sound cards/audio devices, you can route any line to your secondary device, for headphone preview or beat-matching. Alternatively, you might use this feature to simply allow more control with your external mixer.

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John O’Callaghan Feat Sarah Howells – Find Yourself Studio Acapella WAV SAMPLES


John O’Callaghan Feat Sarah Howells – Find Yourself

Studio Acapella WAV SAMPLES | 31 MB

John O’Callaghan is an Irish Musician and DJ, mainly producing electronic dance music. He also produces music under the alias of Joint Operations Centre, Mannix and Stenna. He has also collaborated with fellow Discover artists such as Bryan Kearney, Neal Scarborough (as Inertia), Thomas Bronzwaer (as Lost World) and Greg Downey as well as more recently, trance hero Leon Bolier. His best known track is Big Sky, done with vocalist Audrey Gallagher.

311 MB | RAR | WAV
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SOFT-n-Track Studio EX v8.0.1.3396-R2R

n-Track Studio EX v8.0.1.3396


A recording studio in your computer. Studio quality recording, editing and mixing software. n-Track Studio brings you professional audio quality and easy workflow. n-Track Studio is an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your computer into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record, playback, overdub just like with a tape multitrack recorder, but you can exploit the flexibility and power of today’s PCs for applying effects, realtime input processing, automated aux channels sends and returns, destructive and non-destructive wave editing. The program supports 24bit-192 khz recording, multiple channels soundcards, live input processing, mp3 encoding and much more.

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SOFT-Studio One 3 Professional v3.1.0.3519 WiN/MAC-R2R +PREVIOUS

Studio One 3 Professional v3.1.0.3519 WiN/MAC


Studio One intuitive browser and drag-and-drop paradigm let you work faster and more creatively, so making music is more fun. Tasks that take multiple steps in most DAWs can be done in one or two quick, easy steps. Professional users and respected reviewers agree: Studio One’s 64-bit audio engine delivers superior sound. Studio One is a completely modern environment for music creation, sharing, and collaboration. It’s Internet-savvy and provides a complete solution, from riff to release. When you buy Studio One, you not only get a deep, state-of-the art, yet easy to learn DAW; you also get a wealth of plug-ins, loops, instruments, and other content. Studio One is available in four versions: Free, Artist, Producer, and Professional.

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SOFT-Ashampoo Music Studio 6 v6.0.2.27-AMPED +PREVIOUS

Ashampoo Music Studio 6 v6.0.2.27


Music Studio is your all-in-one solution to create, edit, design and produce your music. Ashampoo Music Studio is a breath of fresh air for your music collection. Digitize, archive and organize your songs. Design individual covers and inlays and burn your music to disc. Turn your music videos into songs and enjoy your music on your PC, smartphone or MP3-Player. Fast, easy, intuitive. Ashampoo Music Studio is your all-in-one solution to create, edit, design and produce your music. Ashampoo Music Studio covers the entire workflow from music creation to production. Can a single program rip, burn, cut, convert, mix, organize, print covers and create playlists? The possibilities with the new Music Studio 6 are as diverse as your music. Enjoy your songs wherever you want, on your PC, smartphone, MP3 player or in your car!

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TUTS-Studio One 3 Reference Manual v1.0.0.9 for StudioOne-R2R +PREVIOUS

Studio One 3 Reference Manual v1.0.0.9 for StudioOne


This is the Studio One Operation Manual. Contained within this document are the details of the “nuts and bolts” of the software which will be key to your learning to understand and operate this Professional digital audio workstation (DAW).

Alternatively, you can also access your Studio One manual from Studio One’s start page by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard on both Mac and PC computers. Note: For this option to work as stated above, you must have Adobe Reader or another .PDF reader installed.
Furthermore, you can search the manual by hitting the Control + F on Windows and Command + F on MAC and entering a phrase or keyword to search the manual.

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