Line6 – Pod Farm Platinum 2.50.0 STANDALONE, PORTABLE (VST PLUGINS, RTAS)

Line6 – Pod Farm Platinum 2.50.0 STANDALONE, PORTABLE (VST PLUGINS, RTAS)

Line6 – Pod Farm Platinum 2.50.0 | 260 MB

POD Farm – a powerful software plug-in gives access to the sound of POD ®-standard in your computer. POD Farm will provide you with an extensive collection of amps, cabinets, studio effects, effects pedals and preamps – an arsenal of virtual priborov.Sistema neobhodfimy proposes a set of effects for guitar without which today can not be avoided.
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Year: 2011
Name of Program: Line 6 – Pod Farm Platinum
Software version: 2.50.0 STANDALONE, PORTABLE
Latest version: 2.50.0
Language: English
Type of medicine: PTCH
System requirements:
Pentium ® IV 1.4GHz or higher
Windows XP (SP3), Windows XP x64 (SP2), Vista 32-bit (SP2) and 64-bit (SP2)

Each plugin has an arsenal of well-known amps and effects created with excellent quality. You’ll find plenty of vintage and modern amplifiers, cabinets, effects, studio-quality, classic and colorful preamp pedal, just more than 250 models with this meat sound.

Easy-to-use browser provides quick access to presets. “Dark” and “smoky” American combos, crazy gain British stack and it’s not all. Just drag and drop models into the chain of signals and build your sound right.

Improved routing with flexible DSP provides a wider range of tones. Split your guitar signal and create two separate channels simultaneously sounding. Create a powerful sound, sending up to 20 models of FX (10 on a chain) in any order, before or after your amp and cabinet. Manage the two chains with a virtual field A / B / Y.

POD Farm 2.5 Platinum has full support for MIDI via any MIDI-controller.

POD Farm 2.5 Platinum continues to revolutionize the recording started more than a decade ago, Line 6 Amp Farm ®, which forever changed the way guitarists record.

The program includes:
• 78 guitar amps
• 24 guitar cabs
• 28 bass amps
• 22 bass cabs
• 97 stompboxes and studio effects
• 6 mic preamps
• Dual Tone functionality and A / B / Y box

Download Line6 – Pod Farm Platinum 2.50.0 STANDALONE, PORTABLE (VST PLUGINS, RTAS)

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