NTS Audio Labs Hip Hop v1.0 PRO | PC

NTS Audio Labs <a href='http://proaudioz.com/download/hip-hop'> <a href=HIP HOP v1.0 PRO | PC” border=”0″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/55NTS_Audio_Labs_Hip_Hop.jpg” title=”NTS Audio Labs HIP HOP v1.0 PRO | PC”>

NTS Audio Labs HIP HOP v1.0 PRO

HIP HOP v1.0 PRO | PC | 159 MB

‘Hip-Hop v1.0 Pro’ from NTS Audio Labs allows you to instantly generate state of the art Hip-Hop Music Loops, Hip-Hop Groove loops, Hip-Hop Drum Loops and much more! Available as a Standalone Live version and as a VST PLUGINS Studio version. This software is not Mac compatible. Comes with an internal library of about 1000 sounds !! 65 Kicks, 70 Hats 118 and 145 Claps and Snares + 600 percussive sounds.

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featuring chronicle this:

• Live Playable (In standalone mode or in Ableton Live as well)
• One mouse click to instantly generate 100 Hip-Hop loops at a time (Every key of the midi keyboard will be filled with a loop)
• Create loops in PROGRESSIVE musical order
• Kick Sidechained output for the best groove ever!!
• Midi recognition for external midi controllers use
• Direct EXPORT to wav file for ALL loops with unique mouse click (from 4 to 32 beats)
• BPM or Host Synchronization (guaranteed synchronization with Ableton Live , Cubase and Fruity Loops)
• Load user wave samples on all channels for the bottom loop part.
• Point to user folders to pick Kickdrums , Claps & Snares , Hats. A lot of factory sounds included!
• Over 1,000 one shot samples can be loaded for each channel
• Swing (do You need more groove for Your track ? here the best swing routine avaliable today)
• 10 Filters (all the best filters avaliable today , totally coded in Asm)

Technical Specifics:

• Stereo audio output at 16 bit/24 bit 44100hz
• Accurate/Precision Timings
• True stereo channels . Each channel can load samples at any sample rate and any bit rate (8 bit-16 bit-24 bit-32 bit)
• Intellidrums v2.0 Technology inside
• Sample players class AA
• Swing routine class AA
• Customizable Sidechainer
• Save loops to .wav files (16/24 bit)
• Neverending capabilities due Our premium Ai randomizators
This product allows you to:

Play HIP HOP music loops in Live sessions. Each loop that is generated is 100% original, so the results represented as infinite.
Produce rhythms and groove parts for Hip-Hop music productions. You can use this tool forever due to the endless possible combinations.

CPU: 20%

Package Content: EXE/VST PLUGINS ‘Hip-Hop v1.0 Pro’:

• Executable standalone Live version
• VST PLUGINS Studio version
• Sounds library
• Documentation

Download NTS Audio Labs HIP HOP v1.0 PRO | PC

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