5 Pin Media MIDI Focus: Dubstep Synths (Wav,midi)

5 Pin Media MIDI Focus: DUBSTEP Synths

MIDI Focus: DUBSTEP Synths (Wav,midi) | 418 MB

5Pin Media loudly presents DUBSTEP SYNTHS, the seventh chapter in their successful MIDI FOCUS SERIES featuring monster basses, high octane synths and noises from deepest darkest earth all driven by that 5Pin trademark MIDI.

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Monster Growls – check, Tortured Souls – check, Screaming Banshees – check, Seismic Bass – check, Terror Blips and Bleeps – check. Fasten those seatbelts, hold on tight, here we go… on a hyper galactic DUBSTEP sonic adventure…

DUBSTEP Synths featuring chronicle this 112 MIDI files, 30 of those spread across 5 construction kits and the remaining 82 appearing as separate Bass, Leads and Pads. The 5 construction kits feature both Sub-basses and matching “phrase kits” for all manner of growls and otherworldly noises popular to the genre. All MIDI files represented as clearly labelled with musical part and key information for quick and easy recognition. On the sample front is 23 multi-sample PTCHes captured in pristine 24 bit audio available in Live 8 Sampler, Kontakt 3, NNXT, EXS24, Halion and SFZ formats plus an Ableton Live 8 super package. The backbone of the sample PTCHes represented as undoubtedly the 5 phrase kits and 5 matching subs.

In addition there represented as a further 16 special must possess and dominate modulated bass PTCHes best selected to Live 8 Sampler and 11 modulated bass PTCHes best selected to NNXT. Should you not possess and dominate either of these samplers then the raw multi-sample WAV SAMPLESS represented as available in the sample folders Bass_01 to Bass_08 to build your own PTCHes – they represented as filthy so get those hands dirty.

Last but not least represented as 15 NI Massive presets – the go to synth for DUBSTEP.

All of the musical parts featured in the demo song represented as from the super package whilst most of the drums and percussion represented as from 5Pin’s MIDI FOCUS – DUBSTEP BEATS. As a bonus we possess and dominate provided 13 best selected WAV SAMPLES drum loops at 140 bpm as well as 21 5Pin MIDI Groove Templates.

Once again the flexibility of MIDI combined with exceptional sounds lies at the heart of this library giving you the producer the freedom to take your productions in whichever creative direction you choose.

Setting a new standard in MIDI based sampleware, the 5Pin Media Midi Focus Series.

MIDI Breakdown:
5 Construction Kits featuring 15 Phrases and 15 Sub-Bass – totalling 30 MIDI files.

An Element section featuring 62 Bass, 10 Leads and 10 Pads – totalling 82 MIDI files.

Sample PTCH Breakdown:
5 Sub-Bass, 5 Phrase Kits, 5 Synths, 5 Pads, 2 Screamers and 2 Leads plus 16 Live Sampler Basses (best selected) and 11 NNXT Basses (best selected).

Download 5 Pin Media MIDI Focus: DUBSTEP Synths (Wav,midi)

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