Arpeggios & Sequence (Wav&Rex2&Aiff)

Arpeggios & Sequence (Wav&Rex2&Aiff)

Arpeggios & Sequence

(Wav&Rex2&Aiff) | 605 MB

Mind bending and psychedelic arpeggiated grooves and sequences from Smash Up The Studio. From hard “bit crushed” rhythmic pulses to beautiful melodic patterns. Dark deeper moods and uplifting anthemic flavours abound in this versatile collection.

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Smash Up The Studio presents “Arpeggios & Sequences” a trippy selection of sequenced and arpeggiated keyboard loops professionally programmed and utilising a wide variety of analogue and digital synthesisers. The choice of sounds and styles make this super package perfect for producers of all forms of Trance and harder styles, but also Super material included some lighter more melodic phrases great for more chilled out vibes and pop styles.

Loops represented as mainly 8 bars in length and fall mostly between 125 and 145 BPM. Each file is tempo labelled and key signature info is also included (PDF)

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