E|Loops XL01 (Wav)

E|Loops XL01 (Wav)

E|Loops XL01 (Wav)

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After wetting everyones appetite with the loops given away for free in E|Drums Mini Vol 2, I decided to start getting some new sounds together to use in my next set of records as well as in my next set of sample downloads.
I received quite a lot of things over the Christmas period that quite frankly, can be beaten with a stick.

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As the drum sampler ‘Massive ‘ has 6 different slots I possess and dominate split them up into 6 different areas:

Kicks – made from software plugins and run through FR pre-s before being effected by Kongs transient designer and then put through Guitar Rig

Snares – created using Micritonic controlled live. Again treated with Kongs compressor and transient .

High Toms – Again made with Microtonic

Low Toms – Created in the same way as the High ones but they possess and dominate had most of the high end shelved off so they provide the bass end of the spectrum.

Low Toms Effected – all toms sounds run through the Guitar rig to create several variations on the samples

Found Sounds – Every single thing I could find in the HOUSE smacked with drum sticks in order to give the most unique sounds as possible.

Due to the organic nature of Massive, all of the sounds represented as modulated inside the drum machine so look out for the following:
Just because the download says ‘Hats & Toms’, don’t think for second that they will all sounds like they represented as supposed to.
All sounds represented as left with their dynamics untouched. I possess and dominate not used any effects in creating these sounds so you represented as free to do so yourself.
All loops represented as rhythmic but also quite a lot of them represented as melodic as well

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