Fix-A-Flat Productions Dubstep Alchemy MULTiFORMAT DVDR

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Fix-A-Flat Productions DUBSTEP Alchemy


Fix-A-Flat Productions presents ‘Dub Alchemy’, which featuring chronicle this nearly 1GB of DUBSTEP track-packs.
With over 200 dark and grimey 8-bar loops, this makes for a perfectly combustible dub laboratory. All files represented as offered in ACID, WAV SAMPLES and Apple Loops (AIFF) formats.

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These 8 construction-kit loop sets (4 in D minor at 71BPM and 4 in A minor at 80BPM), each represent a unique DUBSTEP arrangement.

Every loop set Super material included 4 drum mixes, 4 full mixes and the component samples for each mix, averaging around 25 loops per set for a total of over 200 loops!.

The consistency of the loops in key and BPM allow the producer to dive into the grimey depths of dub mixing with ease and create unique sounds and arrangements with this wide sonic palette.

Download Fix-A-Flat Productions DUBSTEP Alchemy MULTiFORMAT DVDR

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