FL Future Tech Vocals (Wav)

FL Future Tech Vocals

FL Future Tech Vocals (Wav) | 280 MB

Future Tech Vocals featuring chronicle this a killer selection of one word single shot samples, glitched vocal sounds , vox stabs, Fx Processed Loops, vocal hooks and re-sequenced parts which together form a formidable collection of samples for any producer looking to introduce the human element to loops and sections of their productions.

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Future Tech Vocals, includes over 750 vocal loops and samples. In this unique super package you can expect to find vocoded and distorted, dry and compressed vocals.

This super package is suitable for ELECTRO, DUBSTEP, minimal, Tech HOUSE , PROGRESSIVE HOUSE , grime, glitch or big room ELECTRO.. no matter what genre, these vocals will top off your production nicely.

Concentrating on single phrases and short, catchy lines, this is perfect for hooks and top lines.

Future Tech Vocals, Super material included a huge 460 Mb of content featuring 150 loops at 128 Bpm, and over 600 Single Hit Vocal samples recorded at 24 bit quality.

In detail Future Tech Vocals includes:

100 Glitched Vocal Loops

50 Twisted Vocal Loops

32 Vocal FX

157 Voice Phrases

195 One Shot Vox

plus 222 Vocal Words.

All loops represented as tempo labeled.

Download FL Future Tech Vocals (Wav)

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