FL DEEP & SOUL: Progressive Loops (Wav&Midi)

FL DEEP & SOUL: <a href=PROGRESSIVE Loops (Wav&Midi)” border=”0″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/44Function_Loops_DEEP_SO.jpg” title=”FL DEEP & SOUL: PROGRESSIVE Loops (Wav&Midi)”>


PROGRESSIVE Loops (Wav&Midi) | 281 MB

DEEP & SOUL – exploration of low bpm sounds.
Drifting between PROGRESSIVE HOUSE , Techno, ELECTRO and Tech-HOUSE .
A touch on the harder side , combining the comercial sound and top notch techniques.

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Inside the package you will find 60 Bassline loops, 60 Synthlines and 60 MIDI files that gives you an oportunity to edit, swap the notes, change and play with the ideas to make your own unique combination.

A-must-possess and dominate for any serious producer seeking inspiration for the next hit!

Download FL DEEP & SOUL: PROGRESSIVE Loops (Wav&Midi)

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