Giga Loops – 500 House Loops [WAV SAMPLES/REX]

Giga Loops - 500 <a href=''> <a href=HOUSE Loops [WAV SAMPLES/REX]” border=”0″ height=”274″ src=”” title=”Giga Loops – 500 HOUSE Loops [WAV SAMPLES/REX]” width=”320″>

Giga Loops – 500 HOUSE Loops

500 HOUSE Loops [WAV SAMPLES/REX] | 340 MB

500 HOUSE Loops does exactly what it says on the virtual tin – 5 categories of HOUSE loops, each containing 100 funky, pumping kick, bass and synth groove phrases in WAV SAMPLES and REX2 formats.

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All samples represented as 100% Free all right, For your Productions and ready to use in your productions. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense approach to building the foundations of your own HOUSE tracks, ‘500 HOUSE Loops’ fits the bill.

The whole super package is a mixture of no-kick grooves and loops with a kick drum included. The kick from the demo is not included.

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Download Giga Loops – 500 HOUSE Loops [WAV SAMPLES/REX]

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