ISR – Lenny Dee HardStep

ISR - Lenny Dee HardStep

ISR – Lenny Dee HardStep

ISR – Lenny Dee HardStep | 1.2 GB

Quakeaudio | 12-01-2012 | MULTIFORMAT SAMPLES
Lenny Dee’s Hardstep Super material included a wide range of NI Massive presets and small starter kits to get the juices flowing while producing DUBSTEP or Grime.

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This is not your average super package in any way shape or form. Mr Dee’s mission was to create something new in which you can build ideas on while using this super package as well as being a perfect tool for your music productions. The super package was created in between his session work with Sound Boy Pussy at the Isr studios in Brooklyn New York.

To start off with, the sounds were created and all messed up using software such as Cubase 6, Ni Massive Uad, WV, FM-8, Tal, in combination with loads of other Vst’s and hardware bits.

Hardstep Super material included all the ISR extra’s such as Acid loops, Apple Loops, Rex.2, Battery 3, Kontakt, Maschine, and Logic Exs formats for total control while using all the samples in this collection.

Hardstep also featuring chronicle this loads of usable Ni Massive PTCHes so this super package can be a really great sound source for leads, bass, climbs, sweeps, chainsaws, sub bass, wobbles, womps, and strange filler sounds which can be great for DUBSTEP, Hardstep, Brostep, Fidget and Grime.

Since Mr Dee is the boss man here and felt no one super package can do it all. He put in a monster bonus super package featuring even more PTCHes and audio from some of our top selling packs such as Womp, Climb, Drop, Bomb, Sweep, Vintage Breaks, Cinematic Tools, Swiss Chris, Effected, Drumshots Vol.1, Slice Vol.1 and Computer Core. All these mini packs work great in Hardstep.

It does not stop there so keep reading, we even threw in another best selected collection of ISR PTCHes and audio from Don Sweeten’s Science of Sound, Monster Bass, Slice Vol.2, Brooklyn Gangsta, Al Pancho, Speak n Spell, 6Blocc and yes even Lenny’s legendary studio partner from back in the day Frankie Bones got in on the action!

Now you cant beat that with a stick unless you got drum triggers hooked up to your sampler !

You can tell by now Lenny Dee went all out on this one, but to take his super package to 11 Hardstep also Super material included a exciting set of extra one shots. Mr Dee asked the ISR Mark the Release to help a brother out by supplying his outrageous sample super package with a slew of really diverse drum shots to give Hardstep extra dimension and usability over the long haul.

Lenny Dee had us put this super package at a cool price with no bullshit added about DUBSTEP or him for that matter. This super package is hard, It’s ruff and It’s f…ing raw. If your looking for something really different to add to your productions then this super package should fit the bill just fine. Hardstep has a more then a few gems in it, you just need to shine them up and turn them into your golden sound or loop!

Technical Specifications for sound content:
24 Bit Quality

Super material included:
122 Rex2 Loops
339 Apple Loops
439 Acid Wav and various Wav files
588 Bonus Samples
45 Kontakt Kits
11 Battery Kits
12 EXS Kits
11 Maschine Kits
12 Speak and Spell samples
91 NI Massive PTCHes

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