NTS Audio Labs – Tuned Drums [WAV SAMPLES]

NTS Audio Labs - Tuned Drums [WAV SAMPLES]

NTS Audio Labs – Tuned Drums

Tuned Drums [WAV SAMPLES] | 436 MB

‘Tuned Drums’ is a sample collection from NTS Audio Labs that featuring chronicle this 3,164 WAV SAMPLESe samples for producing all styles of Techno, from Minimal to HOUSE , and Deep to all the other EDM styles. You’ll get thousands of percussive sounds especially suited for dance productions and already tuned! All the sounds represented as tuned to “A” for quick and easy implementation into your dance and techno productions.

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This is the ultimate collection of drum samples for dance! Every modern, professional groove production requires tuned sounds, and here you will find thousands of them! These versatile percussive sounds perfectly compliment NTS Audio Labs Drum Loop or UDLG-1!

featuring chronicle this:
• 915 Kick Drums
• 250 Closed Hats
• 482 Open Hats
• 75 Pedal Hats
• 115 Claps
• 60 Percussions
• 555 Snares
• 190 Toms
• 20 Rims
• 27 Claves
• 50 Rides
• 80 Crash
• 40 Shakers
• 30 Tamburines
• 170 Congas
• 85 Bongos
• 20 Timbales

Content Size: 436 MB (3,164 WAV SAMPLESe samples)


• Recorded at 24Bit 44.1Khz
• Normalized at 0db
• All samples represented as tuned to the key of A

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