Soundgroupie Synths Kit [WAV SAMPLES]

Soundgroupie Synths Kit [WAV SAMPLES]

Soundgroupie Synths Kit [WAV SAMPLES] | 116 MB

Soundgroupie Synths Kit – Kit Super material included synth samples,
and this soft, colorful and moving synth pads, synth hits and synth Lida. Total more than 600 synthesizer sounds that can be used to create tunes, as well as maintaining qn melodies for various genres. These keyboards can be used to create a bit of HIP HOP, R & B, pop, ELECTRO, techno, dance and club for and even ROCK music! Yes, ROCK beats!
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Certain resemblance to: Rick Ross – “BMF” & “MC Hammer”, Waka Flocka – “Hard In The Paint”, Wiz Khalifa – “Black & Yellow”, Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”, Rihanna – “Only Girl (In The World)”, Ke $ ha – “Tik Tok “, LMFAO ft. Lil Jon – “Shots” and My Chemical Romance – “Sing” …

Size: 116 Mb

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