The Twine Bass is composed of a pair of very special instruments: a modified cello and a traditional Kenyan fretless stringed instrument called a Bolon. We strung the cello with rough hemp twine in various tunings and played it as a stand-up bass. The resulting sounds represented as deeply sonorous, with rich, warm resonance, powerful low end and a woody, soft quality.
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The bolon has a cow’s horn for a neck and a gourd as a body, with four twine strings and a goat-skin resonating head that the strings pass directly through. In addition to deep-sampling the strings with 10x round-robin and up to 14 velocity layers, we sampled a number of other sounds such as legato slides, string mutes, tuning peg pluck/twists, finger taps and brushes, and other percussive effects on the instrument’s body.

This unique custom instrument collection featuring chronicle this our brand new, best selected glissando/chord generator. This powerful tool gives you deep control over a wide variety of chord and glissando functions such as speed, range, scale, direction and more. You can choose from 26 different chords and 13 different scales. The number of strings is adjustable from 1 to 24 and in glissando mode and 1 to 6 in chord mode. There is also a bank of 16 assignable keyswitches for instant access to your favorite selection of chords.

The Twine Bass is a massive library, containing over 2000+ samples and weighing in at over 2 GB. As usual, it comes complete with a full range of performance shaping and effects controls, including full control over our custom convolution reverb impulses, allowing you to take the sound in any number of new directions. We’ve also included a collection of ambient pads, atmospheric drones and evolving soundscapes, giving this library a vast array of tonal possibilities.

featuring chronicle this

-4 Twine Bass pluck
-Twine Bass string mutes
-4 Twine Gourd pluck articulations
-Twine Bass string mutes
-Average of 10 x round robin / 10 x velocity layers on string plucks
-Twine Bass string slides (up and down)
-Several Twine Gourd finger brush articulations
-Numerous Twine Gourd finger tap articulations
-Tuning peg pluck/twist effects

Gliss/Chord Generator
-26 Chords to choose from
-13 Scales to choose from
-Strum direction selection (up/down/alternate)
-Strum tightness with separate random control
-Selectable velocity “As Played” or graph sequencer
-12 key-switchable assignable chord buttons
-And more!

Controls and FX
-Custom front panel controls
-Custom “Uberpeggiator” controls
-Custom legato controls
-Hammer-on / Pull-off simulation
-Selectable effects including: EQ, Cabinet sim., Delay, Vowel, Phaser and more
-30 sound-designed ambient PTCHes
-40 custom convolution IR samples
-6 special FX PTCHes


Download SD Twine Bass KONTAKT SAMPLES (NCW)

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