Studio Essentials – Dubstep (WAV SAMPLES)

Studio Essentials - <a href=DUBSTEP (WAV SAMPLES) ” src=”” title=”Studio Essentials – DUBSTEP (WAV SAMPLES) “>

Studio Essentials – DUBSTEP (WAV SAMPLES)

Studio Essentials – DUBSTEP (WAV SAMPLES) | 400 MB

Almost always at hand need a professional collection of samples for the rapid creation of great pieces of music! Especially when it comes to something as popular style of DUBSTEP! Meet just two of the latest samples in a single collection to create the most fashionable styles to format WAV SAMPLES.
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For you to open an extensive collection of synth and bass, drums and hayHetov … and at the same time and inspiration to the new club hits!

Sometimes you just need a sample super package that will cover your genre fast, give you synth loops and basslines for quick inspiration, a large drum beat database, all the drum sounds you need to create your own beats, bass hits for instant bottom end goodness, an fx folder and synth hits for quick use and the creative flair. Well here it is, say hello to “Studio Essentials” from ZH.

“Studio Essentials – DUBSTEP” is the third in our series of studio sample packs and this collection is going to absolutely blow you away. Crammed full of dirty wobble basslines, thumping beats, massive drum sounds, hooky as hell synth loops and jaw dropping fx, this sample super package is an absolute must for all DUBSTEP freaks. Our producer has worked insane hours to get this super package to the standard it is and give the samples a different flair from the bog standard DUBSTEP sound, meaning you possess and dominate the choice to now create DUBSTEP tunes that possess and dominate their own sound, perspective and individual quirks. Ranging from the slightly lighter side of DUBSTEP, delving into the oldskool hardcore sound and pushing out into a monstrous pumping DUBSTEP flair this sample super package is offering a huge range of options.

As with all Studio Essentials packs, drum beats represented as bpm tagged, synth & bass loops represented as key note specified and bpm tagged, and all samples represented as located in easy to find folders in a super simple layout. Now you can find what you need in seconds and possess and dominate it looping in your DAW or grouped into your sampler faster than you can say, “ZH We Love Your Samples!”

If you’re seeking out a collection of DUBSTEP samples that possess and dominate extreme punch, presence, a broad range of frequency response and the power to rip through any club sound system then this is your super package.

So what’s in Studio Essentials – DUBSTEP, well check this out:

Bass Hits – 50 samples
Basslines – 50 loops
Drum Beats – 150 loops
Drums – Kicks – 40 samples
Drums – Hi Hats – 20 samples
Drums – Snares – 40 samples
Drums – Cymbals – 10 samples
FX – 100 samples
Synth Hits – 50 samples
Synth Loops – 50 samples

Size / Dimensions
400mb (600mb)

Download Studio Essentials – DUBSTEP (WAV SAMPLES)


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