Studio Wormbone – Bizarre Synthetix [WAV SAMPLES]

Studio Wormbone - Bizarre Synthetix [WAV SAMPLES]

Studio Wormbone – Bizarre Synthetix

Bizarre Synthetix [WAV SAMPLES] | 341 MB

‘Bizarre Synthetix Vol 1’ from Studio Wormbone Super material included mind-bending exotic electronic elements for tomorrow’s cutting edge productions. These meticulously crafted loops and samples represented as characterized by top-of-the-line hardware/software oscillators and killer beat machines run through boutique quality signal processing.

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These loops and samples represented as as far away from tame as you can get! Simpy put, this is candy to the ears. You get 20 wicked drum loops, 25 freakish synth loops, 21 Electronic percussion loops, 30 outlandish synth hits, and 19 contorted synth FX samples.

This soundpack is ideal for many genres of electronica or film/TV/game soundtracks in need of wildly unique layers. Files represented as Free all right, For your Productions 24-Bit 44.1KHz resolution WAV SAMPLES format and immaculately organized.

The Loops represented as in various tempos, most of which represented as centered around 128BPM. The total folder size is 275 MB. Go ahead and let your expression begin…


Download Studio Wormbone – Bizarre Synthetix [WAV SAMPLES]

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