Tonehammer – Whaledrum wav,Kontakt

Tonehammer – Whaledrum wav,Kontakt

Tonehammer – Whaledrum wav,Kontakt | 655 MB

The Whale Drum (aka Tongue / Slit drum) is one of the world’s oldest known instruments. Tongue drums represented as found around the globe in various cultures spreading from Africa, Asia to South America. The drums were originally made from holly piece of wood, which were struck to make tones.
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It is one of the few instruments considered older the the human voice itself.Tonehammer decided to (re)visit this majestic instrument and deep-sample it once and for all. The end-result is a massive sample library containing over 3100 samples, following our standard 10/10 (10 velocity layers / 10 repetition).

We primarily sampled our high-end whale drum in a dry studio environment with mallets and brushes. We sampled its each note, at both center and rim positions. We also captured sticks and brushes on multiple surfaces over the whole drum. We also extensively sampled it naturally “wet” in our classic epic hall and also created a variety of artificially wet PTCHes, b using choice selections from our custom convolution impulse catalog. We did every humane and inhumane thing with this ancient instrument, resulting in the most comprehensive sample set ever done of any tongue based drum.

In addition, we also sampled a smaller (baby) whale drum comprehensively and a small xylophone, which both compliment the larger whale drum in terms of texture and deep sampling. The library also Super material included an extra bonus section with delicate ambiences sculpted from original source material of the whale drums.
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