TQA House Celebrity Queen

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TQA HOUSE Celebrity Queen

HOUSE Celebrity Queen | 327 MB

HOUSE Celebrity Queen’ featuring chronicle this five Construction Kits and is packed full of killer multi-track content taking influence from some of the brightest stars in the HOUSE and Pop world, including Lady Gaga. This super package is packed full of chart-smashing material, you’ll find drums, synth, FX synths, wobble sounds, and much more.

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These Kits represented as inspired by the chart-topping divas of Pop including Britney Spears, Pussy Cat Dolls and Christina Aguilera, all the way through to Katy Perry, Pink, Lily Allen and Lady Gaga.

Product Details:

• 5 Construction Kits
• All parts represented as separated for remixing
• All tempos represented as provided
• All of these music loops represented as Free all right, For your Productions

This super package includes Hit Folders, drums, keys, bass synth, wobble action, and more.

Download TQA HOUSE Celebrity Queen

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