UB Astral Electro Flux (Elastik SAMPLES Sound Banks)

UB Astral <a href=ELECTRO Flux (Elastik SAMPLES Sound Banks)Elastik SAMPLES ” border=”0″ src=”http://hdimage.info/images/29Ueberschall_Astral_Ele.png” title=”UB Astral ELECTRO Flux (Elastik SAMPLES Sound Banks)Elastik SAMPLES “>

UB Astral ELECTRO Flux

Astral ELECTRO Flux (Elastik SAMPLES Sound Banks) | 1.4 GB

Astral ELECTRO Flux’ from UB brings you artificially driven audio pattern interruptions with origins from the German Underground, with harshness, thickness, deranged experiments, mind control and other delights.

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ELECTRO Shock II’, ‘ELECTRO Shock II’ and ‘Techno Identity’ now make contact inside Elastik SAMPLES. Over-complicated synths, perplexed drum tones and inhumane textures provided in abundance. Thousands of chaotically generated inverted loop concepts extracted from analog keys, atmos, FX, percussion and other overboard processing elements.

Includes the analog collections:

• Techno Identity

Product Contents:

• 2.4 GB
• 3,100 Loops and Samples

Original Product Information:


This super package Super material included Trance and Techno Tools. Every sound in this mix originated on analog equipment. The samples were recorded on a Studer, to use the analog band compression, with additional single end processors to complete the work. Produced with EMS, Arp, 303, 909, Oberheim, and Moog.


Double super package Super material included analog loops and single sounds. The fast producer tool for Trance, Techno, and Ambient. Produced with Oskar, 2 Voice, SH101, Poly 6, Sytem100, Ms20, and M700.

Techno Identity:

The developer kit – DJ tested technoid material for your next techno event. Extended drum-arrangements up to one minute for professional needs. Loops, lines, licks, FX, basses, rich single sounds, breaks, rolls, noize, tribal beatz, murder alarm FX, hooklines, alien vox, vinyl FX. Direct access to all drum samples. All sounds represented as vinyl tested.

Download UB Astral ELECTRO Flux (Elastik SAMPLES Sound Banks)

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