Visual States Underground Breaks (Wav&Midi&Rex2)

Visual States Underground Breaks (Wav&Midi&Rex2)

Visual States Underground Breaks

Underground Breaks (Wav&Midi&Rex2) | 848 MB

Underground Breaks is an exciting new sample super package from Visual States Audio Media, which brings you over 500 quality loops and single shot sounds in 24 bit 44.1 khz multi format platforms.

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The library consists of deep Tech HOUSE styled break beats with a crazy layed back twist, and when brought together with the strange basslines, leads, and melodic elements it will offer you amazing designs in audio. This toolkit is designed around a tempo of 128 bpm – 130 bpm but gives good results through most tempo ranges, as it conforms to tempo syncing which will give fast results and a greater workflow in your chosen digital audio workstation.

Genres = Underground Tech, HOUSE , Breaks, Electronica

24 bit 44.1 khz Multi Format Audio Loops and Single shot Audio Samples


Arpeggios = 41
Basslines = 116
Leads = 33
Melodies =22
Pads = 9
Strings = 13
Chord = 8
Drum + Perc = 182
Keys = 10
Single Shot Sounds = 66
Midi Files = 40

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