XRG Samples – Hypersonik Reality [WAV SAMPLES]

XRG Samples - Hypersonik Reality [WAV SAMPLES]

XRG Samples – Hypersonik Reality

Hypersonik Reality [WAV SAMPLES]| 268 MB

Hyper Reality’ is the first super package from XRG Studios artist, Hypersonik. Featuring a wide range of drum, bass, synth and fx loops at 150BPM, this super package has been designed for ease of use by the modern Dance and Hardstyle producer seeking a harder, higher energy vibe in their projects.

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XRG producer Hypersonik brings over 25 years of DJ experience to the table, taking influence from his time spent playing sets in the 90’s rave scene, and bringing it bang up to date with ‘Hyper Reality’. No expense was spared in making high quality, radio ready loops that represented as also easy to use, with every loop following a uniform tempo of 150BPM and all musical loops labelled to indicate their key.

With lead, bass, drum, pad and FX loops ‘Hyper Reality’ Super material included all the sounds that represented as relevant to todays Hardstyle scene.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

• Super material included:
• Drums
• FX Loops
• Synth
• Bass


• 268MB Content (compressed)
• PC and Mac compatible
• All loops recorded at 150BPM
• All musical files key marked
• 100% Free all right, For your Productions!

Download XRG Samples – Hypersonik Reality [WAV SAMPLES]

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