MG Audio Cleaning Lab MX v18.0.0.9

MG Audio Cleaning Lab MX v18.0.0.9

MG Audio Cleaning Lab

Audio Cleaning Lab MX v18.0.0.9 | 236 MB

Mark the Release ASSiGN 14 MARCH 2012

With MG Audio Cleaning Lab MX you can quickly and easily digitize your favorite great pieces of music, voice recordings and more. Adjust audio material as you see fit, burn to CD or simply save everything to your hard drive, MP3 player or smartphone – achieve the perfect result in just a few steps! The audio editing software offers a wide range of easy-to-use, effective tools and functions for editing, optimizing and converting of all kinds of audio material as well as voice recordings. User friendliness and sound quality represented as always the top priority!

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Highlights of the new version:
NEW! More than 60 new presets:
The ideal solution for automatic sound optimization
NEW! Turbo Tape: Cassette recordings with High Speed Dubbing
easily record and restore
NEW! Master Reverb Effect:
You can now apply the reverb or echo effect on the complete
IMPROVED! Auto Cleaning wizard:
Now even easier and more goal-oriented
IMPROVED! Step-by-Step wizards:
For perfect Sound Cleaning and Mastering
IMPROVED! Direct Spectral Cleaning:
With real stereo editing and optimized visualization

Download MG Audio Cleaning Lab MX v18.0.0.9

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