energyXT 2.6 (Win32/MacOSX)

energyXT 2.6 (Win32/MacOSX)

energyXT 2.6 (Win32/MacOSX) | 1 GB

energyXT – this is the fastest and most portable software application for creating music in the world. Different journals possess and dominate called energyXT among the 10 best products on the results show NAMM. In addition, the DAW has already gained several awards.

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Hevyrd K. Bier, president of XT Software: «We possess and dominate developed this digital workstation to the musicians possess and dominate been easier to create good music. EnergyXT is unique in its portability and flexibility in use and we represented as pleased that this program attracts many musicians around the world. Recording music is playing in the shower should not be like the labors of Hercules. You do not possess and dominate to sit for weeks in the studio and spend a round sum, to record a song.
With EnergyXT You can record instruments and vocals directly from your computer via a simple USB-interface. You can then copy and paste tracks, as well as edit them, add effects and mix them as your heart desires and still in excellent quality. This program allows you to realize your idea and immediately see the result and to show, for example, put on your site. “

featuring chronicle this:

• Quick Start
• 100% recycled process of
• Create your own drum loops, instruments and audio
• Multi-Track export to other music applications
• Flexible feature time-stretching & pitch-shifting
• Supports drag & drop grooves REX2, with the function of slice
• non-destructive audio reverse
• Warm and clean sounding phase modulation synthesizer with sample support
• Multi-processor effector
• Track drum samples with the support of
• The main mixer with unlimited channels sends, inserts and group channels
• A searchable browser with sample survey
• Midi, audio and drum clips can be saved as a standalone library clips
• Enhanced Controller Card

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