Conservatorium Of Audio – Mastering IZ Ozone 4 – TUTORiAL

Conservatorium Of Audio - Mastering IZ Ozone 4 - TUTORIAL

Mastering IZ Ozone 4 – TUTORIAL

Conservatorium Of Audio | 630 MB


1 whole hour worth of Ozone 4 hints, tips and techniques,

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– Using Ozone on individual instruments, drum mixes and whole tracks.
– Advanced uses of Ozone’s multi-band processing system.[

– Advanced uses of Ozone’s mid-side processing system.
– Using Ozone to add space, air, depth and life to sounds.
– The advanced use of EQ to attain the perfect tone, and to help further
the processing ability of the other effects modules.
– Different approaches to mastering, and how they can affect the final
– The use of reverb to help bring all of the individual sounds in the
mix together as a cohesive whole.

Featuring music from Area593, Johnny Post and DrAiNbAmAgE!

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